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Believed that the mind, body, and soul each had to be developed and prepared for a [person] to live a life of areté. This belief led to the thought that athletics had to be present in order to obtain and fully achieve a true state of areté.  

Pursue Perfection, Settle for Excellence.  

We focus on developing our athletes.  Teaching the specific skills and techniques of volleyball, enhancing overall IQ, & truly what it takes to play this game as a positive teammate, leader, encourager, resilient player, and much more.  We pay attention to the unique intricacies of being an impact player and person on & off the court ("Development Beyond the Court").  We are passionate about assisting & mentoring every athlete who wants to play at the next level...the highest her/his fullest potential!  

This is the meaning of Areté...the constant pursuit of excellence, leadership, moral virtue, grit, bravery, & digging so deep within oneself that we reach our highest potential and help others achieve theirs.  Leading by example, we live & breathe it in partnership with the athletes we are blessed to coach!  

Everything we do at Areté is with pure intent, purpose and make a difference, a positive impact and help mentor our future leaders for years to come - beyond the court & beyond their successful volleyball career.  Our athletes' life-long career & what they can learn from playing this game is of greater purpose!

2022-2023 Team & Tryout Information

2022-2023 Team Status & Information

Please visit our team information page often as we continue to provide status updates for all our upcoming 2022-2023 Areté teams!

We have BIG NEWS to share!

Areté Athlete & Team Spotlight

Congratulations to our 8 teams that have successfully qualified for the 2022 Girls' Jr. National Championships in Indianapolis (11s-17s) and Phoenix (18s)!

12 Navy Telos - USA

13 Navy Telos - 2022 USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

14 Navy Telos - USA

15 Navy Telos - USA

16 Navy Telos - USA

16 Navy Ethos - American

17 Navy Telos - USA

18 Navy Telos - USA

2022 GJNC Highlights

2022-2023 Coaches

We are continuing to update our coaching alignments* for the upcoming 2022-2023 season!  Please be sure to check back often for the latest information on our experienced coaching team!   *Subject to change and some team projections may be tentative. 

We Proudly Align With...

Areté Athletics Center (AAC) Address:

1720 Bray Central Dr. | Ste. 200 | McKinney, TX | 75069

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