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Believed that the mind, body, and soul each had to be developed and prepared for a [person] to live a life of areté. This belief led to the thought that athletics had to be present in order to obtain and fully achieve a true state of areté.  

Pursue Perfection, Settle for Excellence.  

We focus on developing our athletes.  Teaching the specific skills and techniques of volleyball, enhancing overall IQ, & truly what it takes to play this game as a positive teammate, leader, encourager, resilient player, and much more.  We pay attention to the unique intricacies of being an impact player and person on & off the court ("Development Beyond the Court").  We are passionate about assisting & mentoring every athlete who wants to play at the next level...the highest her/his fullest potential!  

This is the meaning of Areté...the constant pursuit of excellence, leadership, moral virtue, grit, bravery, & digging so deep within oneself that we reach our highest potential and help others achieve theirs.  Leading by example, we live & breathe it in partnership with the athletes we are blessed to coach!  

Everything we do at Areté is with pure intent, purpose and make a difference, a positive impact and help mentor our future leaders for years to come - beyond the court & beyond their successful volleyball career.  Our athletes' life-long career & what she/he can learn from playing this game is of greater purpose!


It's Our 5-Year Anniversary!

It’s our anniversary today and we are so grateful to share this special day with everyone who has ever been a part of Areté! An amazing FIVE years ago today on May 20, 2015, Areté Athletics was a reality! A life-long dream, passion for this great sport, a mission and vision for making a positive difference in athletes’ lives – on and off the court, a desire and dedication to lead by example for what it takes to dig so deep into oneself that we reach our highest potential, and being able to share the meaning and purpose of Areté has been a blessing and an honor.

Every day has been such an incredible journey and we are still just getting started! The best is yet to come! I’m truly grateful to all our families and everyone who has chosen to be on this journey with us and for the support that we’ve received…THANK YOU!

With so many pictures, memories, experiences and more that we’ve had over these five years, we wanted to personally highlight and recognize our 5-year athletes, coaches and staff…those who have been with us from the very beginning - truly special!

Athletes: Kathryn Dewey, Morgan Brown, Lorna Platt, Jill Myron, Shae Pruiett, Skyler Weber, Reagan Brown, Gabby Milo & Alyssa Holloway.

Coaches/Staff: Allison Brown, Tara Ackmann, Neil Mendel, Jerry Williams, Megan Williams, and Madi Black.

I also wanted to personally thank my amazing partners Pam Dewey & Lance Black for believing in the dream, vision and mission for Areté...and for your unwavering support, dedication, and commitment! And a huge thank you to my very supportive husband, Brandon Gibson! I’m grateful for your unwavering love and belief in Areté becoming what it is today and what we will be for years to come!

We are beyond excited about our future! Here’s to experiencing and creating together...even more success and positive growth, incredible memories, life-long friendships and so much more for many years to come! Cheers!

With Excellence,


We Proudly Align With...

Congratulations to our 2018-19 Qualifying Teams!


Krista Gibson

Madison Elwood

Areté 12 Navy Telos

Tara Labay

Mike Swem

Areté 14 Navy Telos

Neil Mendel

Courtney Kopinski

Areté 14 Navy

Krista Gibson

Dee Gonzalez

Areté 15 Navy Telos

Neil Mendel

Rikki Segleski

Areté 15 Navy


Congratulations to our 2017-18 Qualifying Teams!


Krista Gibson

Amber Biggers

Areté 11 Navy

Tara Labay

Mike Swem

Areté 13 Navy Telos

Neil Mendel

Courtney Kopinski

Areté 13 Navy

Tara Ackmann

Dee Gonzalez

Areté 14 Navy Telos

Krista Gibson

Travis McClung

Areté 16 Navy


Areté Highlights

Since our inaugural year (2015-16) we have successfully grown from 9 teams to 23+ teams, to our spacious 5-court facility and Performance + Recovery Center.  And we are continuing to successfully grow while keeping quality, excellence, genuine care, honesty, integrity, ethics, passion, positive energy + expert knowledge & experience at the forefront! 

A Few Areté Success Highlights:

2015-16 Season (inaugural season): Launched with 9 teams & 12 Navy qualified for Nationals.  Areté ranked 16th overall out of only 46 ranked clubs / 18th for points toward Jr. Nationals / 14th for points toward ALL teams in all age groups finishing in the top 10% or 25% in the NTR (amongst over 100 clubs in the NTR)

2016-17 Season (2nd season): Opened the Areté Athletics Center (AAC) & successfully grew to 20 teams!  Areté ranked 12th overall out of only 47 ranked clubs / 13th for points toward Jr. Nationals / 10th for points toward ALL teams in all age groups finishing in the top 10% or 25% in the NTR (amongst over 100 clubs in the NTR)

2017-18 Season (3rd season):  Successfully grew to 22 teams! Already ranked 8th out of 135 NTR clubs in the North Texas Region! 19 of our 22 teams finished in the top half of all teams within the region, 10 teams finished in the top 25% and 3 finishing in the top 10% (5 teams finished as a top 9 team)! We are so proud of our 5 teams that qualified for and successfully competed at Nationals! 

2018-19 Season (4th season): We are so proud of our 5 teams that qualified for and successfully competed at Nationals! Finished the season ranked 9th overall in the North Texas Region and 8th overall for teams finishing in the top 10-25% percentage across all age groups. 

2019-2020 Season (5th season): Season was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19

2020-2021 Season (6th season): Areté teams & initial coaching alignments will be continually updated as we take special care and consideration in these decisions.  Alignments & total number of teams as shown below are subject to change.  

Our website will reflect accordingly providing the latest information as our teams & coaching staff continue to grow & evolve! Please visit our website often for the latest updates!  We are beyond excited about our upcoming 6th season & can't wait for us all to get back on the court for another successful year! 

Interested in Coaching @ Areté? We Are Hiring!

Join the A Team!

Join our 'A' Team!  Please contact Krista Gibson for information regarding coaching opportunities!  

2019-2020 Coaches

2019-2020 Areté Teams