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FAQs - 2015-2016 Season

By Areté Athletics, 08/04/15, 12:30AM CDT


There has been a lot of activity and buzz about the change in our region’s tryout dates, which has caused some confusion about the tryout process. Know that there is time to find the right club home for your athlete and family.  Please do not feel pressured into making a decision – especially this early. 

Q: When are the official 2015-2016 Tryout Dates?

A: 10s-13s = Sept. 26, 14s-15s = Oct. 3 & 16s-18s = Oct 10.  Any offers made during the summer are non-binding as the North Texas Region does not recognize any verbal offers or club contracts made prior to these official dates.  Organizations may pull their offers and athletes may also change their mind. 

Organizations may offer clinics and various training sessions leading up to the official tryout dates, however participation in these offerings does not lock you into any club until the prescribed date. We highly recommend exploring various options prior to signing with any club - new or old.

Q: How many teams will Areté have?  

Being that we are a new organization, it is very important to us that we provide excellence, quality coaching and an amazing, unique experience – for our athletes, families, coaches and staff.  We plan on starting small, however we have a long-term vision of growing at a steady pace.  We’d love for you to come check us out and be a part of our inaugural year! 

Projected Inaugural Teams:

10s Club Prep/Lil’ A’s Development Program

11s Regional (1)

12s National (1) / 12s Regional (1)

13s National (1)

14s National (1) / 14s Regional (1)

15s National (1) / 15s Regional (1)

16s National (1)

We want this process to be a positive experience for you and your family.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or additional information you may need about our organization, program offerings, the tryout process, etc.